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 About me 

 about me 

Mike Wright, better known as Mr. Mindset Mike, is not only an amazing mindset and performance coach but also pastor. He spent his early years as a musician and worship leader. During his twent-five plus years in ministry, he has been a Senior Pastor, Worship Pastor, Pastor of Evangelism and even traveled with the world famous strong men Team Impact. Mike played a major role in the operation and organization of two mega ministries. He racially integrated three all white churches, helping one of those three to become one of the most racially diverse churches of it's kind in America. Mike is an entrepreneur as well. He's the owner or partner in several businesses, including a Multi-state fitness business with locations in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. These experiences, coupled with his experiences from founding and growing a church with no financial backing from any outside source, have caused many to seek his expertise and advice on church growth and business. It's also given him a unique message for the body of Christ today.


Mike is a spiritual educator, a leader, a motivator of men, a man of faith, and a certified John Maxwell Coach and Trainer. He uses modern day parables, humor, feats of stregth ,and truth to challenge spiritual thought and growth in people from various cultural and economic backgrounds. Planted in October 2012, Total Transformation Christian Center, formerly Revolution Worship & Outreach, currently has two campuses in North Carolina and Georgia. TTCC was once one of the fastest growing multiracial churches in America.


His television broadcast, Total Transformation with Micah Wright, airs on The CW and CBS in South & North Carolina 7am every Sunday morning.


Formally trained at Heritage Bible College in Dunn, NC, Pastor Mike also studied Business with a concentration in Finances and Marketing at Coastal Carolina University. He is the father of 2 beautiful daughters. His passion for families and relationships is interwoven into his relative, yet comical and high energy teaching style.

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